Note to self: don’t bother with any more surveys, because I’m not popular enough. As Homer Simpson might say, Stupid A-List… šŸ™‚ But seriously, I was a little disappointed more people didn’t respond to my survey: what do I look like in real life. Particularly as the responses I did get were brilliant. I enjoyed the detail of Cristian and Andrew’s guesses. They were both about half right. Greg had an interesting take on it, choosing to see me as an avatar/icon. But in the end, Rogers got closest – ironically with his description of what an average tech blogger would look like. Maybe all geeks do look alike! Which is all the more reason why blogging needs to become more mainstream this year, as King of the Geeks (I mean that in a respectful way) Jon Udell has been pointing out recently.

But the point of my little survey was really to find out what kind of image people have of bloggers that they read, but never see in real life. Cristian and Andrew’s replies came closest to the type of data I hoped to gather. I still think such a survey would provide very useful data for the social software wonks out there. Oh well.

In case you’re interested in seeing what I look like, check it out. You’ll just find an average-looking geek, but hey – doesn’t that describe 95% of the blogosphere? šŸ™‚ This is still the early adopter phase after all. Let’s hope that what Jon and Dave Winer et al have been pushing for comes true: weblog tools begin to be used by normal people to write about their world, as well as just us geeks writing about our little group (to quote Nirvana and thereby increase my Cool Quotient).