Read/Write Daily: Growing Up Cyborg

Today’s theme is growing up cyborg. We hope that technology will usher in the next phase of human development, but our cyborg adolescence is a little bit awkward.

What will we be when we grow up?

Wildcat warns that becoming a cyborg should be taken gently.

Some people want no part of this next phase. Eric Valli has some amazing photos of people living off the grid(ᔥ BoingBoing)

Maybe our brains are just meant to stay the way they are. Are we hardwired for higher understanding?

But that doesn’t stop Google from trying to usher in the cyborg age. Check out this video of Sebastian Thrun demonstrating the Google Glasses.

Augmented-reality glasses are child’s play compared to the human robotics systems NASA is cooking up.

Image via Shutterstock.

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