Cloud Roundup for January 20, 2012

Little bit of news around Node.js today, Amazon has added support for Identity Federation, and Oracle customers might want to pay attention to a fundamental flaw that’s been discovered in Oracle database systems.

Node.js v0.6.8 – The Node.js team has released a new stable version, 0.6.8. This release updates V8 to, updates npm to 1.1.0-2, and fixes a number of bugs.

Identity Federation to the AWS Management Console – Amazon is announcing single sign-on to AWS using corporate credentials. “We have extended IAM’s Identity Federation functionality to also enable federated users to access the AWS Management Console. This allows you to enable your employees to sign in once to your corporate directory, and then use the AWS Management Console without having to sign in to AWS, providing single sign-on access to AWS.” This is a pretty important piece for any public cloud provider.

Announcing node.js support – .Net PaaS provider AppHarbor has announced beta support for Node.js. “As you probably know by now we’re committed to giving the .NET world the fastest and most convenient way to deploy, manage and scale applications on Windows-based servers in the cloud. As such we didn’t immediately think of node.js as the most obvious second platform to support. With recent developments in the node.js community, in particular Microsoft’s support of a native Windows implementation along with the performance and stability it brings, node.js on Windows has become viable.”

Fundamental Oracle flaw revealed – If you’re using Oracle’s database software, you might want to pay attention to this InfoWorld piece by Paul Venezia. “This particular collection of Oracle issues could incur database outages that take considerable time and effort to correct.” Venezia writes that there are instances when Oracle’s database can become unstable or unavailable by manipulating the System Change Number (SCN) in Oracle. Patches are available from Oracle in its Critical Patch Update for January 2012.

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