Google Docs takes another bite out of expensive Microsoft Office software today with a complete do-over of Presentations. Google Docs slideshows can now be edited live and simultaneously with a team. It enables viewing of revision history, so any team member can go back and see changes made by others. The update also features live chat alongside the editing tools.

In addition to the collaboration features, Docs has added new transitions, animations and themes, with which PowerPoint users have been fluffing up their posts for years. The new features are only supported on modern browsers.

It's the latest Docs product to enable live collaboration in a rollout of updates that began over a year ago with basic co-editing. Google Plus has opened all kinds of new potential ways to collaborate. Hangouts, the group video chat feature on Plus, got live Docs integration in September.

The integration of all these Google services into one seamless collaboration platform is a ways away, but it's coming together. The Docs team keeps on adding features like Presentations that make Microsoft Office less and less interesting.

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