When it comes to traveling, I'm a terrible planner. Figuring out the logistics of going from one place to another leaves me flustered and frustrated to the point that I avoid planning at all costs. For my next trip, however, I'm going to give Plnnr a try.

Plnnr asks you for a couple simple preferences and a location and puts together a full itinerary for a trip to any of 18 cities around the world.

To get started with Plnnr, you can login with your Facebook account, choose a destination and dates, and then the mood for your trip. First, you select a theme, outdoors, culture, "with kids" or a best-of selection of activities. After that, you set the "Intensity" level and the "Luxury" level and you're all set - Plnnr lays out your entire itinerary.

I gave Plnnr a quick test run for San Francisco - a city I recently moved to and still feel a bit like a tourist in - and it put together a great looking itinerary...that I may just follow this weekend!

As you can see, the entire day is plotted both as a schedule and as a Google Maps mashup, taking into account travel time, whether walking or taking a cab, and time at the attraction. Plnnr creates a day-by-day agenda for your trip but, if the itinerary generated doesn't suit you, you can change, add and subtract attractions to customize your trip.