6 Tech Companies That Were Invested in Today: Which Will You Take Note Of?

Our venture capital roundup for the day features a range of companies raising large and (relatively) small amounts of money. We’ve got software for school teachers to keep their classrooms organized and an app to make keyword advertising easier for small businesses, among several other useful technologies. We want to know which of these companies you’d like to keep tabs on. And as usual, we’re announcing yesterday’s poll winner.

Yesterday’s poll winner, Qriosly, asks real questions of us on our mobile phones and iPads about products or companies, instead of using a traditional ad placement. RWW voting readers were most interested by this company; it earned 72% of the vote.

Today’s Companies

HomePipe Networks has created a free networking app that allows the user to access their home computer from their mobile phone. HubSpot, a marketing software company that generates leads for small business, was invested in by Google Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Salesforce.com in a Series D round.

Fourth Wall Studios combines the real with the virtual in alternate-reality entertainment for multiple platforms (phones, pcs, etc.). Breezy is a mobile app that enables us to direct our printer through a phone, eliminating the need to plug our computer into the printer directly.

LearnBoost raised a debt funding round. The company makes software for teachers that allows them to create lesson plans, manage grades, calendars and attendance, all using one interface. Lastly, AdGrok helps small businesses with keyword ad campaigns on Google.

Which one of these six companies is most interesting to you?

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