You know cloud computing is big.
Then you see the analyst forecasts like the ones compiled by Total Cloud.

And you have to ask yourself: Do you believe these numbers?

Here are the market estimates that Total Cloud collected and posted to its blog:

  • Small business spending on cloud computing will reach $100 billion by 2014.
  • Gartner estimates the Cloud market at $150B by 2013 while Merrill Lynch has it at 160B by 2011.
  • A recent survey of 500 IT decision-makers by SandHill found that about 50% of respondents cited business agility as their primary reason for adopting cloud applications.
  • Mobile and social computing are growing faster than anything before in the history of technology, and enterprise applications will need to adapt.
  • Gartner estimates that virtualization is growing rapidly and that by 2013, 60% of server workloads will be virtualized.
  • Public cloud infrastructure, applications and platforms are growing at 25%+ yet IDC projects that the market for enterprise servers will double by 2013.
  • IDC estimates the market for public cloud products and services at $16B in 2010, growing to $56B by 2014.

What do you think?