Open Thread: Pitch Your Panel for SXSW!

In just a couple more days, a healthy section of the RWW team – and a good number of our friends and fans – will be convening in Austin for South by Southwest Interactive. A couple of us have been asked to speak on panels; we wanted to share that information with you and ask you to share your panels and talks with us (and the rest of our readers, too).

Leave a comment telling us – and the rest of the world – about your SXSW Interactive panel. Let us know who’s going to be talking and what you’re talking about, plus where and when to show up. We’re sure you’ll find a few kindred spirits who’d love to attend and ask questions – and maybe offer some pre-show feedback for tweaking your notes!

Our own Marshall Kirkpatrick will be moderating a panel with Scott Raymond of Gowalla, Brett Slatkin of Google, Dare Obasanjo of Microsoft and Jack Moffitt of Collecta – talk about an all-star cast! – on real-time technology. Marshall’s especially suited to this task since he’s the man behind RWW’s mammoth state-of-the-industry report, The Real-Time Web and Its Future. Here are the gory details:

Can the Real-Time Web Be Realized?

“The emergence of the real-time web enables an unprecedented level of user engagement and dynamic content online. However, the rapidly growing audience puts new, complex demands on the architecture of the web as we know it. This panel will discuss what is needed to make the real-time web achievable.”

When: Saturday, March 13, 11:00 am
Where: Hilton H

And I, Jolie O’Dell, will be moderating a panel of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and startup incubator-types on whether or not startups need traditional, Sand Hill Road VC in the first place. Sure to be contentious, this panel is something I’ve been looking forward to for a while, and I hope you’ll make it out! I’ll be talking with Mike Trotzke of SproutBox, Mitch Lasky of Benchmark Capital and Dave McClure of the Founders’ Fund.

Who Needs Venture Capital?

“Only a fraction of business financing comes from Sand Hill Road. Yet entrepreneurs still obsess over traditional big meeting/big money Silicon Valley venture capital. This heated panel debates what types of companies actually benefit from VC and reviews concrete examples of alternatives to traditional venture capital.”

When: Monday, March 15, 12:30 pm
Where: Hilton D

Also, for those of you who read along last year during my cross-country travels through the tech scenes in Nashville, Omaha, Chicago, New York and beyond, there’s the RoadTwip core conversation with our brothers-in-tech Dave Delaney and Kurt Daradics (also a co-founder of CitySourced).


“Last Spring, three kids set out in one car for two weeks. Their mission was to discover the emerging future for a new America, one town at a time. While they captured and produced plenty of content along their roadtwip.’ The most valuable thing was the relationships they established. This panel is about getting out of dodge, it’s about going offline – where true friendships are solidified. In the flesh.”

When: Friday, March 12, 5:00 pm
Where: Austin Convention Center 8A

Those are our panels! What do you think so far? And please do share the details about your – or your friends’ – panels in the comments.

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