This morning MyStrands released a personalized online video service called MyStrands.TV. Immediately it reminded me of, because you can type in an artist or tag and it creates a custom "channel" for you. In fact, let's be honest - it's a complete rip of But that's actually good, because is my favorite online music service and so it has many excellent features.

MyStrands.TV is powered by MyStrands APIs and the music videos come from YouTube. Some music data is provided by Muze, Inc. I think there's a great market for this, because in our Top 10 YouTube Videos of All Time, we noted that 7 of the top 10 are music videos. So music videos are something that people want to watch online and there is a need for an easy way to organize or personalize this. MyStrands.TV adds an easier, richer and simply more fun personalization layer on top of YouTube's data.

Check out the MyStrands blog for full details of the launch. MyStrands is a music discovery and social networking site (our review), which in June raised $25 Million "to lead the social recommendation industry".

To test MyStrands.TV I typed in (what else) The Velvet Underground and I was straight away treated to an old VU track, followed by a John Cale video I'd never seen before, then the classic Sweet Jane. Excellent work by MyStrands and I can see myself tuning in a lot to this new service!