Ever since Facebook announced its open platform at the end of May, I have been receiving a flurry of emails from friends and blog buddies wanting to connect on Facebook. It could be just the 'in thing' with early adopter blogger types, but maybe it's more than that. It could be the tipping point for Facebook going mainstream.

Max Kalehoff from Nielsen BuzzMetrics has a good analysis of Facebook today. And next week Read/WriteWeb will explore just how open Facebook really is (as Sam Sethi twittered today, "It's a proprietary silo, no RDFa/mf's , no RSS and no Atom Publishing Protocol"). But for now, I want to do a quick poll of R/WW readers, to see how many are now members of Facebook. Up until a month or so ago, I wasn't. Indeed, today I was "poked" for the first time - by Joshua Porter (does this mean I have to buy him a drink next time I'm in the US?). Anyway here is the poll: