How to Find Inspiration During the Post-Quarantine Burnout

I remember finding myself completely collapsed after another missed deadline right before my favorite day of the year — my birthday. In October last year, I worked as a content writer at Lemon.io (and I still do). Aside from that, I was picking up some freelance projects from time to time. Also, I was attending […]

remote environments

How to Enable Successful Remote Environments

Work-life has changed drastically and unpredictably since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nearly everyone that can work from home has done so, and with little time to prepare. While this is non-traditional remote work experience, many business leaders are considering supporting remote work permanently – at least in some capacity – as we emerge […]

work from home teams

How To Keep Work-From-Home Teams Engaged

Working from home is more than a temporary trend. Given that economists at the University of Chicago estimate 37% of jobs in the United States can be performed entirely at home, most experts believe it’s here to stay. Here is how to keep work-from-home teams engaged. NatureBox assembled an All-Star panel of speakers for a […]