Texas makes self-driving cars legal again, no human driver required

Texas, like Finland, never had a law blocking self-driving cars from public roads, until Thursday when Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill that set out the rules of the road. The re-legalization makes a few things clear for automakers and tech companies testing their autonomous vehicles in The Lone Star State. First, self-driving cars without […]

self-driving truck

How about a self-driving highway – from Canada to Mexico?

Having a highway dedicated to self-driving cars might improve testing while also allowing early adopters 1,885 miles of road to drive on unhindered. That’s what one North Dakota resident, Marlo Anderson, is arguing. Anderson runs a talk show called ‘The Tech Ranch,” and is backed by the Central North Trade Corridor Association (CNATCA), who want […]

Toyota works on connected cars deep in heart of Texas

Toyota has announced plans to open a new division called Toyota Connected in the United States, focused on building new car technology and humanizing technology added into cars. The new division will be located in Plano, Texas, and will employ around 100 people. Toyota has purchased a 20,000 square foot factory to test the new […]