Efforts in Disaster Prediction Take a Step Further with IoT Sensors

The past decade has seen hundreds of natural disasters in various countries. While the US stays one of the most affected ones, developing countries remain the major sufferers particularly due to denser population and poor evacuation infrastructure. Catastrophic events lead to massive destruction of property and incalculable loss of human and animal life, and handling […]

supply chain from cloudleaf

Smart-Enabling Each link in a Next-Gen Supply Chain

Any given supply chain is evolving, fast. Globalization, the “servitization” economy and shifting customer expectations are requiring producers to be more nimble than ever before. Economic sustainability is now the name of the game, and to win it, requires a new approach focusing on stakeholder relationships, end-to-end linked supply-chains, and redefining the context in which […]

Getting good self-driving road manners from…the Swiss?

Swiss academics have developed an autonomous vehicle system able to mimic a human driver and a Wi-Fi network to share data between vehicles. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) said an autonomous vehicle could be single or part of a “platoon” and should be able to follow multiple human-controlled cars. See Also: Will Nevada be […]


MIT develops mobile sensor that could save your life

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers have unveiled a new sensor that could save lives by detecting a buildup of toxic gas in an area, and then send that data to a connected mobile or wearable. The sensor is incredibly sensitive to toxic gas, able to detect 10 parts per million of gas in the […]


Miniature IoT sensor has five little superpowers

Wireless beacon firm Netclearance has announced an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor the size of a penny that comes with five embedded sensors. Named the mBeaconSense sensor, it can measure acceleration, light, magnetic force, temperature, and vibration. The sensor also has a clock, an RFID tag, and a coin battery that lasts for several years. See […]


Samsung hones in on self-driving chip business

South Korean mobile giant Samsung now has an entire division working day in, day out on chips for self-driving cars, in an effort to push aside competitors and become the go-to supplier in this booming market. The team is mainly researchers from Samsung’s semiconductor and sensor division, according to The Korea Herald, which cites a […]