The 5 Commandments For Smartphone Owners

I am a conflicted tech reporter. I started covering the technology beat because of my love for the power of the smartphone. But the conspicuous consumption of gadgets, with its attendant human and environmental costs, makes me feel as though I’m complicit in injustice. To reconcile these feelings, I’ve settled on five principles for owning a…

Study: Four out of 10 Mobile Ad Clicks are Worthless

Study: Four out of 10 Mobile Ad Clicks are Worthless

First, the good news: The number of click-throughs on mobile advertisements that were mistaken or fraudulent dropped slightly over the last year. Now the bad news: As much as 40% of clicks on mobile ads are so-called worthless clicks, offering no return on investment for the advertiser, according to a new study.

I Want My Hover Bike! Inventor Makes Real-Life Star Wars Tech

Footage of a hover bike test flight surfaced on the Internet this week and quickly sent sci-fi nerds and techies on a heavy Star Wars nostalgia trip. The video is enthralling not only because it’s a futurist’s wet dream. The vehicle’s user-friendly design could usher in an era of low-altitude flight as a form of daily, personal transportation.

4 Ways Near Field Communication Will Change Your iPhone Experience

Apple device update season is near and, like clockwork, the rumor mill has kicked in high gear. The latest evidence points to a September unveiling of the next iPhone, a smaller version of the iPad, and the long-rumored Apple HDTV. Those last two are debatable, but the iPhone 5 is all but certain, and it’s expected to include the hot technology…

Facebook’s 84% Problem

Facebook posted it first quarterly earnings statement post-IPO yesterday and one number pops out: 84%. That is the percentage of revenue the company made from advertising, representing $992 million of the total $1.18 billion it brought in during Q2. To maintain stable growth, Facebook must diversify its revenue stream and become less reliant on…

Survey: Tablet Owners Prefer Browsers to Native Apps

Browser or app: Which is a better way to reach readers on mobile platforms like iOS and Android? Publishers and developers haven’t been shy about offering their opinions, but what about the people who actually use the devices? Among tablet owners, at least, reading on the mobile Web is preferable to using native apps, according to a recent…

Microsoft Finally Has a Tablet Business Model with Surface

Microsoft just unveiled its new tablet, Surface. It actually looks pretty nice, though I obviously have no idea if it works well or is worth buying. You can find the details, as they become available, here. But the shift in strategy is most interesting to me. Why is Microsoft making its own Windows tablet? Isn’t its decades-old business model to…

Hands On with Microsoft’s New Surface Tablet

A few minutes spent actually handling a prototype of Microsoft’s new Surface tablet reveals a solid device, combining a slightly bulky chassis with a clever Touch Cover keyboard that appears to work well – all powered by a Windows RT operating system that seems to be a viable competitor to iOS and Android on these types of devices.