Audi says they’ll hit Level 3 autonomy on the A8 by 2019

Audi has unveiled the late 2017 update to the A8, the company‚Äôs largest saloon car, which will be the first car sold with a Level 3 autonomous system onboard. In a press release, Audi claims that other vendors are selling Level 2 cars, which force drivers to remain focused on the road. The A8 differs […]


Intel acquires driver assistance firm Mobileye for $15 billion

Chip giant Intel announced on Monday that it has acquired Mobileye for $15.3 billion, in an effort to remain a dominant player in the self-driving industry. Mobileye is one of the largest providers of driver assistance and collision prevention systems. It also started work on a camera, radar, and sensor system for self-driving vehicles, in […]


Toyota steers millions into U. Michigan AI project

Toyota has pledged $22 million to a four year artificial intelligence, robotics, and autonomous driving project led by the University of Michigan. The investment will be spread throughout the four years and go towards all sorts of tech projects, including stair climbing wheelchairs, cameras for blind people, and autonomous cars. See Also: Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and […]