Former head of Google car project to launch his own self-driving rival

Chris Urmson, the former chief technology officer in charge of Google’s self-driving project, is reportedly preparing to launch a new company that will compete with Mountain View and others building autonomous transport systems. The self-driving guru, regarded as one of the three key people in the early stages of Google’s car project, left the company […]

What’s happening with Google’s self-driving car project?

Chris Urmson, the chief technology officer of Google’s self-driving car project, left earlier this month, alongside two other veteran engineers. The departure is significant, Urmson was the last of the three primary engineers (excluding Google co-founder Sergey Brin) in the self-driving division that came from Stanford’s Stanley vehicle in 2005. See Also: Get ready for […]


What is going on at Google’s self-driving car unit?

Google is losing three key executives in its self-driving car unit, including Chris Urmson, the chief technology officer and technical lead. Urmson was, for many, the face of Google’s self-driving car. He spoke at most events, indicated what the unit was focused on, and is a well respected figure in the self-driving industry. See Also: Boeing […]