WiFi Range Hacks

WiFi Range Hacks 2020

The world has progressed onto 5G, and yet many times we end up having trouble connecting to a wireless internet connection. It doesn’t even matter if it’s even under the same roof as us. We find ourselves calling the customer service representative of an ISP — screaming our lungs out about their bad internet coverage. […]

IoT rule the world

Will the Internet of Things Ever Rule the World?

Every possible entity, whether it is a machine, a satellite, an object that performs their tasks independently using the internet as a medium, has to transfer relevant data. IoT has been the latest leap of faith made by humans. We are basically allotting essential responsibilities to intelligent machines. But, will the internet of things (IoT) […]

AR can be added to your business app for monitary advantage

Why You Should Use Augmented Reality in Your Business App

Augmented reality has significantly transformed the way we use our smartphones in the current era. With the enhanced interactivity becoming the biggest priority; AR has reinvented the way the users interact and receive information. Have you ever wondered about the powerful engine that derives extremely high-end user experience by combining sounds and visuals on your […]