Domino’s and Ford to test self-driving pizza delivery service

Domino’s and Ford have partnered to test a self-driving pizza delivery service to customers in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The partnership will be part of Ford’s research into how customers respond and interact with self-driving vehicles. Randomly selected customers will have the option of trying the self-driving delivery service, according to The Verge. An engineer will […]

Waymo picks ex-Tesla engineering chief to build them a driverless car

Google’s self-driving division Waymo has hired Satish Jeyachandran, the former director of hardware engineering at Tesla, a close competitor in the self-driving race. Jeyachandran will lead the hardware division, according to Bloomberg, focused on building Lidar, radar, cameras, sensors, and silicon for the company’s self-driving cars. See Also: Waymo working on competitor to Uber’s self-driving […]

Where In The World Is The Fastest Broadband?

Where In The World Is The Fastest Broadband?

Here’s a sobering fact: Many of the most important innovations we depend on hinge on a fast Internet connection. And yet not all countries are delivering on the speed we need now—let alone what we’ll require in the future.  Setting aside the issue of access in developing regions—which, in itself, is a major problem worthy […]