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Ecosystem + Incubator = Startup “Ecobator” NestGSV

Startup accelerators are great, as far as they go. The problem is that, after startups enjoy several months of pedal-to-the-metal support and mentorship, the vast majority of them exit the programs and hit a brick wall. The cheerleading stops, venture funding never materializes and the founders go back to writing code for a living. NestGSV is…

6 Ways To Win Every Startup Competition You Enter

OK. That’s an exaggeration. Odds are you can’t win every startup competition you enter. But you could win 92.59%. Candace Klein did. Klein is the founder and CEO of a new peer-to-peer lending platform called SoMoLend and she’s won 25 of the 27 startup competitions she’s (That’s a winning percentage of 92.59% – do the math). We asked her…

Don’t Innovate, Imitate

What’s the quickest way to startup success? One is to think of a great innovation. Another is to copy someone else’s great innovation. That’s a lot easier than coming up with your own. And it’s often a shorter, surer path to your first million – or billion.