Priya Ravinder

A sales & marketing strategist, with over 10 years of experience, Priya has always been roped in by companies that have vision to grow quickly. She is responsible for leading the execution of the company strategy, scaling & increasing revenues. Having previously added tremendous value to companies like Accenture, Tricon Infotech, Infrrd, EagleOwl, PathPartner, and Swiggy while having consulted many others, Priya is well regarded in the B2B space for her innovative ideas and business perspectives. Priya’s experience spans across various industries like technology, financial services, food & beverage & events. Using her vast experience and expertise, she coaches marketing and sales enthusiasts on business growth principles & strategies. Priya is currently consulting brands on Sales & Marketing and is also owner of Infornicle which is a media company based in Bangalore.

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game theory

Competitive Strategy-Creating an Unbeatable Business

Competitive strategy, in my opinion, is a collection of different strategies and concepts and its usage in staying competitive or ahead of the market. It involves a lot of research, planning, and execution to gain a competitive edge or increased market share. Before entering into a market, any company must conduct research on the existing […]