Lars Reger

Lars Reger

As Executive Vice President and CTO, Lars Reger is responsible for NXP’s overall tech portfolio, including Autonomous Driving, Consumer and Industrial IoT and Security. Prior to joining NXP in 2008, Lars held various positions with Siemens, Infineon and Continental.

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smart tech at the edge

Smart Technology at The Edge: Five Reasons this Transformation is Here to Stay

The COVID-19 pandemic has sped up much of the technology change that was already underway. People have found themselves working and learning at home, which is usually at “the edge” of computing networks operated by their employers and schools. While at home, many employees are also substantially increasing their consumption of entertainment content. The changes […]

ai and computing networks

Could Light Switches Have Morals?

There’s a revolution underway at the edge of computer networks, where devices are getting better at assessing circumstances, analyzing data locally, and then actuating more services for consumers instead of relying on the cloud for all of that “intelligence.” But could light switches have morals? Innovation at the Edge is being driven by the need […]

Follow the Puck

Watching ice hockey on television in the days of broadcast television was a challenge, to say the least. You could see players moving around on the ice, but the contrast was such that it was hard to judge depth or position, so you never knew exactly how far away they were from each other. Recognizing […]

From Smart Home to Aware Home

From Smart Home to Aware Home

A recent study reports that US broadband households own more than 10 connected devices. What will happen when they start talking and working together?  Will your home become aware? Finding out how all these connected devices will work together is still an unknown — and a top priority. The industry is focused on improving and […]