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Disha Bhatt (Dave) works as a Content Strategist at Email Uplers. She is a dentist, who has found her calling in words & technical subjects. She loves to pen down travelogues and romantic short stories in her free time.

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Email Marketing Trends

14 Email Marketing Trends to Look Forward to in 2023

The competitive bottleneck has driven brands to overhaul their email marketing strategy at regular intervals. That has led to a tremendous metamorphosis and turned it into an effective and scalable communication channel. If we look at the past decade, there have been multiple new entrants in email marketing trends. In 2023, we expect some other […]

Visual Email Marketing

How to Nail the Art of Visual Email Marketing

Interesting subject line ✅ Engaging and relevant copy ✅ Actionable CTA ✅ All these make up a high-converting email. But there’s one more thing that helps in getting maximum ROI from your emails. That’s attractive visuals. Vennage has revealed that 49% of marketers rate visual marketing as “very important” for their marketing strategy. Three days […]

Holiday Email Marketing

Holiday Email Marketing Tips to Come Up Trumps in 2022

These days, every email marketer would be occupied with the thoughts of acing their Holiday campaigns. They try everything possible to come up trumps and woo maximum customers. Naturally, email marketers invest a lot of time and energy in creating stunning Holiday emails. It is predicted that US retail ecommerce Holiday sales will grow 15.5% […]

SFMC Journey Builder

Want to Make the Most of the SFMC Journey Builder? This Guide Covers it All

As marketers, your primary objective should be engaging your customers throughout the complete marketing, sales, and service lifecycle. And to achieve that, you need to create 1-to-1 personalized customer experiences across various online channels, including SMS, print, email, web, social media, and IoT devices. Easier said than done, right? Well, luckily for you, SFMC’s (Salesforce […]

email marketing trends

Email Marketing Trends and Tips Straight from the Experts

According to Gregory Zackowicz from Omnisend, all major kinds of emails witnessed a 95% or greater year-over-year (YoY) spike in 2020. The statistic isn’t alarming, considering everyone was glued to their screens almost the whole year. With that momentum, we enter 2021 and try to add strategic soundness and refinement to our outcomes from the […]