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I am the founder of digitalpugs.com I am passionate about Digital Marketing and link building services. I have experience in providing SEO, Outreach link building, Websites Development Services. I believe in providing quality work with full satisfaction to the clients.

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web presence business

Building a Viable Web Presence for Your Business

In today’s digital age, any company that wants to succeed needs to have a robust online presence. A beneficial and robust web for your business can be a daunting task for small businesses, especially those that are too small to afford a marketing department. Here is how to build a viable web presence for your […]

managing remote team

The 5 Fundamental Principles of Managing a Remote Team

In the wake of the corona crisis, remote workforces are booming. During the height of the pandemic, millions of workers set up home offices, in an abrupt shift to work online. Now, as the first wave of the pandemic ebbs in many countries while hitting another crest in the US, it is becoming increasingly clear […]

facial recognition

Facial Recognition Technology – All You Need to Know

Today, we see data of all kinds — no matter if we can see it or not. The massive collection of data includes thousands of photos and videos available that provide the data set, which is necessary to make things work efficiently. Here is facial recognition technology, all you need to know. Facial Recognition Facial […]