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A Utility That Makes You Master of the Twitterverse

You can do a lot more with Twitter than the official Web, mobile and desktop clients allow. To do it, though, you’ll need to access Twitter’s API — or use a tool that digs deeper into the API than the usual clients. If you’re comfortable with a command line interface, or willing to learn how to use one, t gives you simple, fine-grained control…

Amazon Streamlines Mechanical Turk With Automatic Categorization App

The idea behind Amazon’s Mechanical Turk is pretty simple – break programming work down into bite-sized chunks, and put it in front of a large workforce that can do the work quickly and cheaply. Part of the challenge of that is making it easy for requesters to create the bites that workers are chewing on. The new categorization app from Amazon…

Oracle’s Itanium Document Drop Catches HP With Its Pants Down

HP’s Itanium debacle provides plenty of lessons for anyone who is willing to pay attention. For the past decade, HP has been making a valiant, if extremely misguided, attempt to support the high-end Itanium chip architecture and the HP-UX Unix implementation that runs on it. Oracle’s open letter and drop of documents as part of the…

Loomio: Making Better Decisions Remotely Possible

Email, instant messaging, forums, code forges and other collaboration tools make it possible for distributed teams to get work done – but they’re not great tools for making decisions. The team behind Loomio wants to solve that with a new Web-based tool for focused, concise discussions that allow all team members to be heard. 

What “Data Gravity” Means to Your Data

If you’ve wondered why so many companies are eager to control data storage, the answer can be summed up in a simple term: data gravity. Ultimately, where data is determines where the money is. Services and applications are nothing without it.

Inktank Joins the Cloud Storage Fray With Ceph Support

IDC says that spending for cloud storage will triple by 2015. It had better, because the roster of companies with their hands out for some of those storage dollars keeps growing. The latest contender is Inktank, a service and support company formed by the creators of the Ceph open source storage project.

The 7 Best Open Government Sites

We’ve already established that members of Congress are pretty bad at informing the public via their websites. The good news is that you can find a number of excellent sites for keeping an eye on the U.S. government. Not surprisingly, most of these are provided by third parties, rather than the government itself. To help ReadWriteWeb readers as…

What Everyone Needs to Learn from the Data Journalism Handbook

It’s hard to pay attention to the business of journalism without hearing about data journalism or data-driven journalism. But despite all the discussion of the topic, there’s precious little documentation to guide practicing and future journalists in becoming proficient in it. The Data Journalism Handbook aims to fix that, albeit at a high level.

Google’s New BigQuery Commoditizes Big Data Analytics

Google is moving the goalpost significantly in the market for big data tools, at least for organizations that can work with its canned tools and are willing to trust the search giant with their data. After some time in a limited preview, Google has unveiled Google BigQuery for public consumption. Google is giving developers the ability to query…