Jim Rushton

Jim Rushton is the author of Guaranteed Analytics: A Prescriptive Approach to Monetizing All Your Data. He began his career in analytics working with some of the biggest consulting companies in the world, including Accenture, Deloitte Consulting, and IBM Global Services. Jim then moved to an executive position with Verizon, where he oversaw the company's customer and marketing information. Leveraging his experience across corporate America, he helped found Armeta Analytics, and in the past decade, his team has helped dozens of Fortune 1000 companies learn how to monetize their data. In his spare time, Jim likes to spend time outdoors collecting rocks for a hand-built stone chapel, eating Texas' famous smoked brisket, and watching the sunset.

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Where You Should Be Using Automation in Analytics

In the early days of analytics, automation probably played too big of a role. The technology was new, and companies collected troves of information they didn’t need simply because they suddenly could. Analytics has become much more sophisticated. We know it’s dangerous to think that just because we’ve automated data we have all the answers. […]