Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker is an identity fraud expert and author of various blogs writing about advanced technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. Previously, he has worked as a consultant, often assisting small businesses in digitalization and online fraud prevention.

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Is FinTech Reliable? The Future of AI in Financial Sectors

The financial industry is revolutionized with the integration of artificial intelligence. It not only enhances the precision level but also speeds up the query resolution period. With the help of enhanced efficiency and accuracy, human problems are solved with the help of AI. FinTech firms have revolutionized the computational arms race in the last two […]

seo trends 2020

9 SEO Trends of 2020 So Far: How Businesses Go Online

With the launch of the BERT algorithm from Google and the large-scale update from Yandex, Vega, a special stage in the history of search has come. In order not to get lost on the Internet, businesses will have to think about quality content and user experience, as well as giving search engine optimization (SEO)tips. Here […]

id verification fintech

Online ID Verification – A Primer for Fintech Businesses

Organizations such as banks or financial institutions that offer any form of financial services or products are required to comply with government regulations. These regulations include such as things as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-money Laundering (AML). Here is online ID verification, a primer for fintech businesses. Fintech Regulation All these regulations correspond to […]