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How Data Analytics Can Save Lives

Technologies like artificial intelligence and data analytics are disrupting all walks of life, including the healthcare sector. We live in a world where robots are performing surgery while people are consulting doctors and receiving medical prescriptions online. Even the governments are investing much more in the healthcare sector than they were a decade ago. Here […]

big data solving problems

Big Data Management Solving Pinpoint Problems

Big Data Management can light up patterns and examples that would have generally been undetectable, which at that point makes questions and investigation into how the business functions. At last, the result of such examples, the recognizable proof is frequently the capacity to anticipate when a specific business-relevant occasion is going to occur, and after […]

Supercomputers are Still the Need of the Hour

Supercomputers are Still the Need of the Hour

These days, whenever we think of supercomputers, we assume that these large computer systems are indeed technical artifacts that are just meant for museums. Most of the computers today are remarkably smaller than systems that were used to be at the time when we heard the term “computer” for the first-ever. Supercomputers are still the […]