James Efron

James Efron is a tech enthusiast, currently serving as infosecurity management expert at Shufti Pro . He has been involved in designing organisational strategies for tech firms, and is often found assisting digital transformations.

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ai banking

AI-Based OCR Technology Revolutionizing the Banking Sector

The advent of technology has brought convenience to life. Believe it or not, survival without technology is one of the darkest thoughts that can cross your mind in the digital era. The world has become a global village thanks to rapid digitization, but it has also opened doors for many fraudsters to step in and […]

Technology Trends that are Emerging Post-Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic has proven catastrophic and has shaken the world. But this viral infection has given rise to many new innovations as well. People are about to step into a new world that will be different from the world known pre-COVID-19. Here are the technology trends that are emerging post-pandemic. Grab hold of the innovation […]

Know Your Customer Regulations in Crypto Exchanges

Over the past few years, buying top digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether is common in off-exchange trading. The utilization of digital assets at a corporate level is quite promising. The cash management is revolutionizing, which is revamping the conventional payment flows using blockchain. Here is how to know the “know your customer” regulations […]

biometrics, payments

Biometrics – Payments and Enhanced Customer Experience

With the global explosion of technology, the traditional methods are being challenged, whether it’s about identity verification for account opening, accessing your social media accounts or even making online payments. Online businesses and brick-and-mortar organizations are going to need more advanced and secure systems to incorporate consumers’ demands. Passwords and Pin codes are well-intentioned and […]