Henry Patishman

As Executive VP of Identity Verification solutions, Henry Patishman is responsible for driving Regula’s strategic initiatives across different industries in the cutting-edge field of identity verification and biometrics. He helps organizations from aviation, hospitality, financial, telecommunications, and other sectors find ways to overcome challenges of digital onboarding, personal authentication and document fraud through innovative software solutions. Henry is an experienced leader with 20+ years of success in the IT industry, particularly in business process automation, digital transformation, security and data storage. He was instrumental in starting and growing businesses in the ANZ and APAC regions, as well as enhancing global strategic relationships with key customers and partners. Henry has held senior global positions at IT hardware vendors, software vendors, consultancies, distributors, and system integrators. Prior to joining Regula, he founded Cogitavi Pty Ltd, a Digital Transformation Consultancy, and has held senior roles at ABBYY, a global leader in intelligent automation, and ACA Pacific, a pioneer in the value-added distribution of specialized information technology solutions. Henry is a seasoned investor and advisor with countless successful entrepreneurial engagements in a variety of industries.

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