Alex Sokolov

Senior Software Engineering Manager

Professional with 10+ years’ experience in software development, building and mentoring engineering teams at iTechArt. Certified Scrum Master. Expert in global delivery. Still staying deeply technical, so I can help project teams to implement engineering best practices for a sustainable development process.

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All You Need to Know about RegTech in 2020

With the annual compliance spending of the financial institutions exceeding hundreds of billion dollars and the growing number of financial regulations, it’s no surprise that RegTech, or regulatory technology, has emerged to respond to a broad range of compliance issues. Here is all you need to know about RegTech in 2020. As with all emerging […]

CTO-as-a-Service in Crucial Stages to Success

Being relatively a new service trend in today’s tech-driven world, CTO-as-a-Service (CaaS) is notably gaining its momentum. Though CTO as a traditional full-time position exists for decades, some companies do not feel they need a technology executive. Still, in some crucial stages of company growth, the CTO engagement turns out to be inevitable. CTO engagement […]