Snack bars, counters, cabinets and drawers have become the newest office staple. These containers present a challenge for companies wishing to satisfy their employees’ cravings. People want a little bit of everything, so office managers must get ahead and adapt quickly in the face of an evolving workforce that always seems to crave what’s next.

Some employees prefer chocolatey bites to fulfill their cravings, but others might want to stay health-conscious with all-natural fruit or granola-based goodies.

A subscription snack box aims to satisfy the appetites of everybody in the office no matter what they prefer. But the burgeoning subscription snack phenomenon isn’t particularly new. It isn’t just the idea that businesses can get convenient snacks to their employees anymore. The challenge now is getting specific where it’s needed and ensuring the people snacking get new and better snacking experiences each time.

To guarantee a company chooses the right packs that all employees will love, there needs to be a critical and conscientious balance at work. But the big question is how can they even out the opposite impulses of snackers out there?

Here are some of the key factors to make sure companies are catering to every taste.

Remember to Think Personalized.

When choosing office snacks, employees should have options that engage with their personal style and preferences—plain and simple. But such personalization in an office setting can only be achieved if a wide assortment is available to them.

Maintaining dozens of different snack options allows consumers to try, identify and explore new flavors and brands alongside the big names. That range isn’t even within the same kind of snack. Whether a person craves savory or sweet, cookies or candies, or something in between, casting a wide net provides something for every single employee.

In a roundabout way, thinking big and then whittling down the options for each employee preference is a better, more refined way to achieve a sense of accessibility.

Stay Loose.

Employers should be able to constantly shift perspectives on what a subscription can provide based on their employee needs. Including bigger, traditional brands that everyone has snacked on for years is a given. But we’ve noticed more and more requests for intentionally different snacks or for different emerging dietary preferences— keto, paleo, gluten-free, and more.

Deciding on a certain range of choices and being able to adapt it on a monthly basis is absolutely crucial.

Embrace change, it’s a great value in multifaceted ways. By providing new and innovative options, employees are able to expand their snacking preferences, and companies can learn what flavors, options and tastes best motivate their employees.

People are always looking for more convenience because they want less responsibility.

If employers are using their subscription services to anticipate those needs then the employees also connect on a vital emotional level too.

Embrace the Fun.

While it’s easy to rely on what’s previously worked in terms of snack preferences, companies shouldn’t be afraid to stand out. Being constantly on the hunt for new, barrier-pushing snacks will ensure the choices stay relevant.

We go to a lot of food shows and meet with new vendors, and each brand could have a dozen or more snack types available to target for particular tastes. By accepting and expanding the office’s snack horizons companies essentially create a reliable but dynamic experience. Those employees wandering over to the snack area can expect to be consistently surprised by something they will love.

Going too niche runs the risk of alienating the employees at a subscriber’s office who want to snack on their tried-and-true favorites.

The more niche a company becomes, the bigger the opportunity to turn off the snackers who don’t want unfamiliar products. But the broader the snacks also may turn away the adventurous spirits looking to satisfy their cravings with the next big snackable treat before jumping back into work.

Snacking options should fit neatly within a person’s daily routine, while your business should be open to different ways to maintain employee morale.

Employers can cater to these different advantages while anticipating disadvantages. Analyzing your business’s evolving preferences in the crowded snacking space gives you the best mentality when assembling snack packs every employee will love.

Ilya Avshalumov

Serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of Variety Fun. Skilled in negotiation, advertising, sales, wholesale, and sales management.