Roborace autonomous car steps it up for Formula E Paris ePrix

Roborace, a collaborative autonomous development that uses Formula E tracks to test the robocar, managed to complete a full lap at Paris ePrix last week. The robocar is built from scratch, tires are provided by Michelin and Nvidia supplies the Drive PX2 processing unit, capable of 24 trillion operations per second. See Also: First autonomous […]


First autonomous Roborace event ends with a self-driven crash

The first autonomous car race, named Roborace, occurred this weekend in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as a prelude to the Formula E championship. Two self-driving racecars took to the track, but sadly one crashed before the race ended. The Devbot electric vehicle misjudged a corner while travelling at over 150km/h, faster than most self-driving car tests […]


McLaren embraces autonomous cars, but wants humans in control

British luxury automotive manufacturer McLaren has signalled an interest in adding autonomous car functionality to its cars in the future. In an interview with Motoring, McLaren’s global corporate communications manager Duncan Forrester said the automaker may build autonomous safety features into the car, but promised that drivers would still be able to take over control […]


Self-driving Formula 1 Roborace lets drivers watch

Motorsport is more than just entertainment, it is a way for car manufacturers to show off the latest car technology on the track. And that may include self-driving features, if the Roborace championship is given the green light. Created by designer Daniel Simon, who has previously worked for Bugatti and created vehicles for Hollywood movies, the […]