Usman Hayat

Usman Hayat

A business school grad specializing in marketing. Usman now pursues a career as a digital privacy & security advocate for VPNRanks working as a blogger.

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How VPN Can Aid Blockchain to Improve Online Privacy

Frankly speaking, there are three stakeholders fighting the guerilla war on online anonymity. These stakeholders are government agencies, cybercriminals, and us, the average internet users. According to a report, 53% of users are skeptical regarding their online protection. Fortunately, you can use both Blockchain and VPN in parallel to safeguard your digital existence to a […]

How Can Blockchain Aid Brands Convert GDPR Compliant?

The impacts of the GDPR ruling are still unraveling. However, one thing is undeniable — and that numerous companies will find it difficult to apply these new guidelines to the blockchain. When it comes to data storage, companies that are working in the European Union jurisdiction will have to abide by the following users’ rights: […]