Tatsiana Levdikova

Tatsiana Levdikova is a Content Marketer at OpenLedger ApS, a blockchain development company. She is passionate about blockchain, IoT, health IT, natural language processing, web and software design and development, and more.

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How Blockchain Can Put an End to Conflict Minerals

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of where their products are coming from. Ethically sourced materials have become a selling point for companies around the world. More and more companies are working on ditching conflict minerals and ensuring that their products are not associated with human rights abuses. Blockchain can put an end to conflict minerals […]

Why Blockchain and Remanufacturing Are a Perfect Match

Why Blockchain and Remanufacturing are a Perfect Match

In its purest form, remanufacturing is taking previously used products or their previously used parts, putting them all back together again. You then reselling them — generally at a cheaper price. Remanufacturing is common for such products as medical devices, wood, computers, machinery, vehicles, toner cartridges, and much more. Blockchain technology can ultimately revolutionize the […]