Oded Fruchtman

Originally from Northern Israel, Mr. Oded Fruchtman has been the CEO of BladeRanger since April 2022. Prior to joining Bladeranger Oded was the CEO of Aquarius-Spectrum, the Co-CEO of BreedIT and founded and managed SoftWatch. In 2022, Oded was contacted by Bladeranger, after Aquarius-Spectrum was acquired by a Belgium company, and was offered the position of CEO. Oded was interested in the company due to its potential to contribute to the fight against climate change, and to promote renewable energy at a time when its adoption is more crucial than ever. Conversely, BladeRanger’s Co-founders wanted to bring in a professional CEO who had the skills and ability to steer the company toward rapid growth. Oded aims to bring his vast technical and business experience to the company in order to help it grow exponentially in the coming years.

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Looking Ahead in the Energy Sector

It’s fairly accepted that the use of fossil fuels is damaging our environment. Moving away from those energy sources and transitioning to renewable, sustainable energy sources is humankind’s best chance at slowing or even reversing the damage already caused. This past year also saw an energy crisis unfold in much of Europe. Russia’s invasion of […]