Nadejda Alkhaldi


Nadejda is an innovation analyst at ITRex Group. She specializes in the healthcare sector, studying how technologies, such as AI and IoT, can improve patient care and facilitate operations.

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Pet Face Recognition

Pet Face Recognition: Are We There Yet?

Technology that can accurately recognize animals will help owners reunite with their lost pets, farmers monitor their livestock, and researchers study wild animals. There are several possibilities in that regard, with microchips being the most popular identification method for pets. However, implanting chips requires invasive surgery. They can’t be read without a specialized device, and […]

smart home security

Smart Home Security: Responsible Development

Currently, smart home solutions are gaining popularity for a good reason. They allow owners to remotely monitor their houses, increase energy efficiency, and even assist in health tracking. Given all those advantages, homeowners are jumping on the opportunity to enhance their homes’ comfort and security for a better quality of life. Consequently, the smart home […]