Max Demyan

Max Demyan

CEO at GEO Protocol

Has an intensive experience in the field of real business (he is an owner of one of the national retail chains) and trading on traditional and crypto stocks. His financial education allows him to analyze and predict the situation, and develop new disrupting products for the future. Max is an ideologist and visioner of the decentralized credit network, economy, and payment tools expert.

Latest Posts From Max Demyan

Evolving from Decentralization to Centralization – Back to a Decentralized Future

Believe it or not, decentralization is nothing new. It first began with the social organization of ancient human societies. They lived together in small Neolithic decentralized communities of less than 100 people where everyone was accountable for one another. Small populations directly made management easier. Such small communities could easily trust one another, and the […]

decentralized p2p lending services

Decentralized P2P Lending Services vs Networks

Peer-to-peer lending (crowdfunding) is an alternative financial system, the essence of which is to provide individual lenders and borrowers with a way of lending money to unrelated persons, or equal parties, without involving a traditional financial intermediary. What is traditional P2P lending? This method of private lending has a long history and is even culturally […]