Kevin Walkup

President and COO

Kevin Walkup is President and COO of Harmonate, a data services firm serving private funds.

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data ops

What Wildfires Taught Me About Data Ops

As my family evacuated in the face of the monster fires raging around us in the hills above Silicon Valley last year — part of my mind was on work. I couldn’t help thinking as a newly minted CEO of a data ops fintech; this brings new meaning to the well-worn complaint of “constantly putting […]

fund administration

Data Ops in Fund Administration Require a Human Touch

Today’s large fund administrators service hundreds to thousands of fund managers and institutional investors. Automation is driving down margins across the investing industry. Price competition has become fierce. There is a great deal of talk about technology being an edge. And executives are turning to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. The goal is to reduce […]

private fund data operations

Private Fund Data Operations Should Provide More Protection

COVID-19 has hit business leaders. It’s hit them with an endless parade of unexpected challenges. Leaders in private fund data operations are feeling it too. However, these challenges also present opportunities for technological advances. Stretched Operations Shrinking revenue and smaller budgets have reduced the margin for error. Risks are more severe. New risks are joining […]

data transparency

Less Data Transparency Means Less Investor Trust

The business world can take two lessons away from the countries that have been most successful in fighting COVID-19. Data operations, data transparency and clear communications matter. Those are particularly important lessons for asset managers that need trust almost more than anything else right now. Singapore and data Singapore’s initial response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) […]

covid-19 jobs data

Covid-19, Jobs, Data and Machine Learning

Americans worry machine learning and artificial intelligence are a threat to their livelihoods. But the global pandemic demonstrates that these data technologies are essential to improving lives. A recent survey captured the job-loss anxiety. Thirty-seven percent of workers aged 18 to 24 say new technology will eliminate their job by 2025. This fear climbs to […]