Keith Krach

Keith Krach is chairman and former CEO of DocuSign. A Silicon Valley veteran, Krach has led the creation of several new categories, including DTM at DocuSign, Mechanical Design Synthesis at Rasna and B2B ecommerce during his role as chairman, CEO and co-founder of Ariba. He once was the youngest vice president at General Motors, where he was an early pioneer in robotics and oversaw a joint venture with Japanese-based Fujitsu Fanuc.

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keith krach

The True Definition of Luck: aka “The Frank Wilson Theory”

What Matters Most is Luck. Not! During my battle-tested career, I have always heard, “Krach, you are just so lucky.” I look down at the ground and shrug my shoulders and say, “Yah, I guess I’m just lucky” or, “I was just at right place, right time.” I am certainly blessed. Born into a loving […]

keith krach

The Power of Doing Things For The Right Reasons

I believe in karma: we all reap what we sow. But I also believe in doing things for the right reasons without any expectation that you might somehow be paid back for your actions in the future. This is what I call “pure heart” where you’re only motivation is to help others in need. And […]