Jose Richardson

Joe, with an experience of 10+ years in technology, heads Technology Innovation. He has a rich experience in networking and has been an administration consultant for a variety of industries and startups. His primarily focuses on technology resources and develops the most advanced solutions. He prefers business readings and loves traveling.

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reducing IT support cost

How to Reduce IT Support Costs for Multi-User Computing Environments

With the number of tech-savvy users rising rapidly, public access computing has become a popular choice for global entities across different industrial verticals. Such internet-powered, shared workstations available for public access are now a common sight in educational institutes, retail organizations, banking areas, healthcare organizations, and public libraries. By offering instant access to digital resources […]

Boost the Availability of Point of Sale (POS) Machines in The Retail Industry

Boost the Availability of Point of Sale (POS) Machines in The Retail Industry

To thrive in today’s highly competitive business environment, multiple retail businesses have replaced traditional cash registers with state-of-the-art Point of Sale (POS) systems to cut back on manual counting, better manage their inventory and provide their customers with the best possible shopping experience. Being at the heart of day-to-day retail functions, store managers need to […]