Jeff Thompson

CEO @ Red Cat

I’m a serial tech entrepreneur with a long track record of founding and leading companies from startup phase to successful exits and IPOs. My background is in the telecom space, where I founded EdgeNet, a private Internet Service provider (ISP), which was sold to Citadel Broadcasting in 1997. I then co-founded Towerstream, a wireless service provider (public 2007 NASDAQ). With an ongoing passion for innovative technology, I most recently founded Red Cat, a company at the forefront of providing solutions for the rapidly growing commercial and recreational drone industries. As the CEO of Red Cat, my vision is to make the skies a safer place by making drones trackable and accountable. Red Cat is making headway towards this by providing a simple and secure blockchain-based distributed storage, analytics, and software as a service for the drone industry. We’ve created the industry’s first black box flight recorder that pilots, regulators, and insurance companies can rely on for secure flight data. Red Cat’s key differentiator is the integration of several separate systems into one easy to use platform (hardware and software) that covers the entire spectrum from data tracking, storage, analytics, and reporting.

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