Geoffrey Michener

Geoffrey Michener, Founder and CEO of dataPlor, is a 2x founder and international business executive with over 10 years of experience solving complex problems in the big data, small business, and enterprise space.

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The Increasing Need for Hyperlocal Data Collection

The ability to collect and harness big data has transformed businesses worldwide. This process, which is continually improved by data scientists and companies that heavily invest in big data, has allowed for dramatic changes to numerous industries. The benefits of using big data include improved processes, data-driven business decisions, and better resource allocation. Here is […]

How Location Intelligence Will Create Even Smarter Cities

Location intelligence has gained much attention lately, especially as more businesses harness the power of this technology. Location intelligence builds on geographical information systems (GIS) tools, and its definition goes beyond the analysis of geospatial or geographic information. Here is how location intelligence will create even smarter cities. Location Intelligence is the ability to visualize […]