Fatima Zaidi

Fatima Zaidi is the CEO and co-founder of Quill Inc., the world’s first one-stop marketplace and agency where podcasters can find pre-vetted expert freelancers who will save them time, improve their podcast quality, and help grow their audience. With the expertise of veteran technical marketers, unique access to podcasting data, and a CEO that comes from a sales hacking background, Quill is positioned to be a fast-growing company. As an early adopter, Zaidi saw the promise and opportunity in the podcasting industry. This was only reinforced by her experience in marketing agency roles where clients were increasingly looking for exposure on existing podcasts or had aspirations to start their own. As a member of the National Speakers Bureau, Fatima has spoken at various events around the world on media and tech trends, leading her to keynote on world stages alongside speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk, and, most recently, Richard Branson. In addition to being a commentator for BNN Bloomberg, she is a frequent contributor to publications, including The Globe and Mail and Huffington Post. Over the past few years, she has won two Top 30 under 30 awards and been recognized as one of Flare Magazine’s Top 100 Women.

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