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Vacation Packing Checklist

Vacation Packing Checklist: 12 Essentials to Make Travel Easier

You’ve booked your flight. You’ve found the perfect hotel with an even more perfect view. You’ve done your restaurant research and know exactly where you’re going for each meal. You even managed to find some good deals to save a dime or two. The travel bug has been biting for months now, and you can’t wait […]

Best Apps and Websites

15 Best Apps and Websites for Focus and Productivity

Focusing while working is a problem many people face today. Between email, Slack, and social media notifications, distractions are so prevalent that it can be hard to focus on a task. According to Crucial Learning’s study of 1,600 respondents, two out of three struggle to fully focus on a single task. The majority of people (68 percent) […]

Side Hustles

How to Add Efficiency to Your Side Hustle Operations

Let me introduce you to a fellow side hustler… Caitlin lives in Washington and works 40-hours per week as a Teller for a local financial institution. While she enjoys her job and the people she works with every day, she dreams of gaining some extra income to be able to travel and buy her first […]

Effective Work Calendar

How to Create an Effective Work Calendar

Our calendars are essential tools for staying on task, being productive, and prioritizing our time. Moreover, they play an important role when collaborating with others, meeting deadlines, and reminding us of upcoming events. And in addition to helping us reach our short-term goals, calendars are essential in achieving the long-term goals we’re set. Marketmuse However, how can […]

Working in Different Time Zones

12 Time Management Tips When Working in Different Time Zones

It can be challenging to keep track of time zones. Even though we’ve tried to reinvent time zones, we still can’t agree on a universal system. However, it’s usually not a problem since everyone knows their region’s time zone. For example, the difference between East and West is three hours in the United States. Easy, right? […]

Clearing Frazzled Brain

Clearing Your Frazzled Brain and Regaining Focus

With multiple top priorities on your plate, it’s hard to focus. When your brain is frazzled, it’s even harder. But there are a few smart ways to refocus quickly and get yourself back on track. All of us have moments when we are distracted by our thoughts or procrastination takes over. However, taking that first step can often help […]

Time Management Hacks

The Best Time Management Hacks for Entrepreneurs Starting a New Year

Every entrepreneur must allocate the right amount of time to each task, regardless of how busy their schedule is. To start the New Year 2023 with an efficient and productive business, here are 15 time management hacks from entrepreneurs. 1. Focus on productivity’s key components. There’s no denying that you can get more done in less time […]

Qualities to be productive

16 Qualities You Need to Be Productive

You may have heard that highly productive people wake up at 4 am, run 10 miles, and attain enlightenment before sunrise. But that’s not always true. Rather, they come in many varieties ranging from late risers, early risers, singles, couples, and family members. So what are the most common traits of highly productive people? They are constantly […]

Setting Customer Expectations

5 Reasons Setting Customer Expectations Goes a Long Way

There are a lot of different things that go into starting and operating a business. You need a product or service that can sell and a team that can distribute it. You need marketing campaigns, a customer service plan, and financial planning. All of these things are important, but there are nitty-gritty details, like customer […]

Future Financial State

10 Ways to Improve Your Future Financial State

A 2022 study found that by September of that year, 63% of Americans lived paycheck to paycheck. Many of these people don’t think about how their spending habits will impact their future financial state. It’s easy to get so caught up in your daily wants and needs that you lose sight of your future financial goals. Although […]

Efficient Teams

3 Ways Technology Is Building Efficient Teams Amidst Staff Shortages

With staff shortages affecting every sector, it’s more important than ever for businesses to invest in technology that supports their employees and makes it easier for teams to do more with less. As worker shortages affect companies in every sector, many businesses are turning to technology to increase efficiency. Chatbots, specialized software platforms and automation allows businesses […]

Social Media Free Basic Tools

Making Social Media Management Simpler With Five Free Basic Tools

Companies are constantly evolving, looking for new ways to diversify their marketing strategies to attract new customers while managing effective engagement with their existing followers. The rise of social media, more than its traditional scope of practice, has meant that businesses and companies can increase their communication and marketing efforts towards previously under-recognized consumer markets. […]

Kids Entertained for Fun

7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained During Winter Break

Winter break is the second longest respite from school, only trailing the summer months. Having a long break in the middle of the school year is nice, but it can present a few predicaments for students. The long winter weeks away from school can sometimes get a little boring —but there are things you can […]

Become Indistractable

How to Become Indistractable

Baseball coach Tony La Russa once said, “There are always distractions if you allow them.” While certainly not wrong, we all get distracted. In fact, 99% of employees said they were distracted from their work tasks at some point during the day, according to a Poly study. Further, respondents were asked how these distractions affected their work, and […]

101 Holiday Quotes

101 Holiday Quotes to Make Your Spirits Bright

Regardless of the year-end holidays, you celebrate, this is the time of year to reflect, celebrate, and give back. At the same time, it can be such a stressful season that you might feel like Scrooge. This holiday season, here are some wonderful quotes from a wide variety of people to support your relaxation and reflection. And, […]

Business upcoming holidays

6 Ways to Prepare Your Business for the Upcoming Holidays

The holiday season can be incredibly disruptive, especially for small businesses and their customers. You could either be in a very slow season looking for things to accomplish or so overwhelmed by business that you feel like you got run over by a reindeer. If you haven’t started making preparations yet, you need to start […]

Chrome Extensions for Productivity

18 Chrome Extensions for Maximum Productivity

It’s no secret that Google Chrome has dominated the global market share for years now. According to statistics, Chrome is used by 63.58% of the global population. Comparatively, Safari has a market share of 19.37%, which is the second most popular browser worldwide. In other words, you’re probably reading this with Chrome. Additionally, some people may not know […]

Work Holiday Party

How to Plan for a Work Holiday Party

A handful of holidays are approaching, so it’s time for fun, seasonal activities! If you are planning a company holiday party, it can come with a lot of responsibility. To ensure your party is enjoyable for everyone, you need to fulfill all your employees’ party needs. Your checklist can seem daunting, from budget to entertainment to […]

Media and Publications

7 Visual Trends in Media and Publications

Experienced online marketers schooled in visual trends know full well that the old axiom which says “a picture is worth a thousand words,” is entirely false. They’re worth considerably more than that. According to research conducted by 3M, the human eye is capable of processing visuals approximately 60,000 times faster than the written word. This […]

Shield Against Cyberattack

How Small Businesses Can Shield Themselves Against Cyberattack

As businesses become increasingly digital, adapting to consumer demand, and swiftly transitioning towards the online world, ongoing threats of cybercrime and cyberattacks are becoming a significant challenge for small businesses that are ill-prepared. There are Digital Tools to Help Defend Against Cyberattack Today, with the onset of digital tools that can help businesses remain relevant in the […]