Cale Moodie

Cale Moodie is CEO and director of Neptune Dash, a cryptocurrency company that constructs and operates masternodes of Dash, a digital currency built on the blockchain.

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cryptocurrency fraud

Cryptocurrency Fraud Is the Exception, Not the Rule

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are revolutionary technologies, but being so far ahead of the curve comes with consequences. With few precedents to learn from and regulatory frameworks still in their infancy, the crypto space has attracted its share of shrewd opportunists whose scams — such as the infamous pump-and-dump schemes — have grabbed international headlines. Tech giants like Facebook and […]

What Will Cryptocurrency Be Like in 10 Years?

Investors, pundits, and enthusiasts can’t stop speculating about cryptocurrency, and more often than not, their predictions center on price. But simply musing over the market performance of a specific coin ignores the larger potential of cryptocurrency. This space is about more than price fluctuations — it’s a digital financial revolution that’s poised to transform the world. Cryptocurrency […]