Atul Jindal

I am Web Design Engineer, having interests in doing website designs and digital marketing with focus on conversion optimization. I create web experiences that brings conversations and transforms site visitors into paying customers or leads. I like to do blog on website designing and digital marketing. For more information about me, please visit my blog.

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Blockchain Social Networks

Present and Future of Blockchain Social Networks

Blockchain has taken the world in many areas. This technology has evolved tremendously a few decades young and is continuously revolutionizing many areas of modern human lives. Today social media with more than 3 billion users, has become a critical part of our life. However, people are increasingly becoming skeptical of it as concerns arise […]

customer service

The Role of Data Science in Improving Customer Satisfaction

The world’s most successful companies set their focus on customer satisfaction. The reason being that customers leave organizations where they are not satisfied with the service. New products with unique and improved features will continue to pop up in the market. Still, the customer would rather continue doing business with companies that serviced them well […]