Arslan Tayliyev

Working in IT industry for near 10 years. Run a tech company presented in Ukraine, Norway and Georgia. Help startups with implementation and market release/maintenance of the product. Work with midsize and established companies to help them with digital transformation

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how to make social media app

How to Make a Social Media App

Does the open need another web-based media application? That is one of the consuming inquiries on the startup authors’ brains when they ricocheted making one. Evidently, TikTok has reacted with a reverberating yes. The quickly developing application has gathered more than 800 million clients worldwide without any indications of halting. Facebook, with more than 2.4 […]

Building Apps Like Uber to Get You Inspired

Approximately 10 years prior to Uber disturbing the market of taxi benefits by making a less complex and less expensive option — we only had conventional taxis. The traditional taxis had it all. From the point forward where Uber made a splash — the organization has spread to 250 urban areas and 80 nations around […]