Artificial Intelligence is the technological story of the 2010s, and over time, more AI technologies are on the way. AI was the new charm for all tech people — but it did not end even in the second decade. No doubt, 2019 was the year of artificial intelligence; however, 2020 has promised more AI miracles. Here are the top ten greatest AI trends in business in 2020.

Artificial intelligence technology is growing at a staggering rate.

We see artificial intelligence’s rate of growth much higher than we would have expected. AI helps humans, and you can see significant improvements for efficacy in everyday life.

Lots of research on artificial intelligence will undoubtedly surprise many.  What will happen over the next year is likely unprecedented. The Internet is a big technology for the entire world.

Low-income families, students with limited finance, and many senior citizens may still struggle to merely access the Internet.

With some of the world still without access –spectrum internet assist ( was introduced. The service is good quality internet available at affordable rates for qualifying families and individuals.

No one can avail of the service until the service provider verifies them. There’s a full-fledged eligibility verification procedure as well. You get notification whether you are eligible for it or not once the verification process is done. The strategy is ideal for keeping cyber hackers at bay and protecting data and other information of the users.

Not every internet service practices services like this — but they should. Sometimes, with other companies, data has been stolen. The business can’t understand who is behind it. For resolving all these problems — Artificial Intelligence rises with new research and development over the social implications we are encountering.

Artificial intelligence is not limited in one area; it is coming with new innovations in the science field as well as our day by day lives.

So let’s look around the technology, which is garnering attention, and see the top 10 greatest AI in business trends 2020.

Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2020

  1. Automatic robotic process for monitoring and refining of business.

Many business owners are familiar with artificial intelligence. The first robots were involved in automatic manual tasks such as manufactures and production. All have the fear that artificial intelligence will replace humans at work but not at all.

After research, we reached this point, and AI will help with the repetitive and labor extensive tasks that we carry mostly on our machines.  Yes, the extensive form filling work, generating reports, and diagrams all we can do in a quicker manner. Basically to this process name is given as robotic process automation. It will help us administrative and complex work, which consumes more time.

According to Forbes, approximately 23% of businesses have implemented Artificial intelligence into processing and product services, and more than 60 businesses are still in process. However, this number will increase by 80-90% until 2022.

  1. AI in Healthcare industry.

Healthcare is an important aspect of life, and AI is necessary here to increase the life expectancy of human life. AI would become trendy in the healthcare section in 2020 by bringing advancements in the healthcare industry. How will AI help in the health care industry?

We are expected huge investments in healthcare automation, and AI and robotics were deployed to assist the professional in diagnosing the diseases. In that way, we can do manual surgery and managerial task by Artificial intelligence.

In the healthcare tasks, which would be carried by AI recording the patient’s history, billing, prescription, and reporting are included. The burden of doctors and nurses will-less, and they will able to focus more on patients.

As many people think then, AI will be replaced by doctors and other staff, but it is also a wrong perception. Artificial intelligence will allow patients to receive safer and efficient care to prevent disease.

  1. AI-Powered technology.

Artificial intelligence will become cheaper and available as there is a need for hardware and expertise to implement.  This technology will increase the number of tools, devices, and other gadgets.  Many running apps give us AI-powered on the computer and phones.

It is called chatbots, which are computer programs and conduct conversations through text and audio. Well, AI-powered technology will embed in our household appliances, vehicles, and other workplace tools. So in this 2020, we will see more devices for themselves.

  1. More personalization with Artificial intelligence.

The artificial Intelligence trend is more growing by the success of internet giants such as Google, Ali baba, and Amazon. Now, AI can monitor the social activities on these platforms because it maintains a huge of stats data and patterns, which are used to generate user preference and personalization.

Have you seen some time your search google data result show on Facebook and Google ads? It is because  AI allows the providers for quick services in real-time through online portals and mobile apps.

So with huge data, questions arise on how we can make sure our private information is not used for commercial ends. No doubt, google assistants are a useful tool but have access to the places where we go and the things we do.

For this reason, people are confused about using these devices and more concerned about their personal information, and the company can use it for advertising. Therefore Artificial intelligence is necessary to keep the data security of every citizen of every country.

  1. AI for more accurate data.

The quality of information is a significant barrier to businesses and organizations to move towards AI automated decision making. The methods have been improved over recent years, and now accurate data can be achieved.

Now the simulations have advanced, and now the development companies can gain thousands of hours of driving data. Therefore, with artificial intelligence, the quality of data can be gathered. There is a need in the computer system for more accuracy in the real-world simulation that leads to a more powerful way. Now with artificial intelligence, you can solve the companies’ stats quickly in an accurate way.

  1. Advanced cybersecurity.

As you know, businesses are going to digital, and more threats are coming on the way.  Most of the industries are threatened by fraud retailers, restaurants, and other insurance companies. Therefore there is a need for a strong cybersecurity system, as the hacking and social engineering attacks have become more sophisticated.

Artificial intelligence will be in most businesses this year. Could AI inflict the damage worth $5 trillion in 2020 (many think so)? In the last few years, a model was implemented to secure AI from fake entries, but hackers know this defensive approach.

The 2020 artificial intelligence trend will bring a safe approach called Generative Unsupervised AI. Basically, this approach offers an automatic detection system and implement for 7 days, which studies all the traffic fluctuations across the network. Moreover, it creates a baseline and aware of threats.

  1. AI Entertainment Industry.

2020 will bring the best technology for humans through AI. The artificial intelligence approach will use to generate music, poetry, and storytelling, and the output of these sophisticated technologies will produce the best outcomes for humans. As you can see, there is a great impact on the entertainment industry. Robert De Niro used artificial intelligence for creating brand new visual effects.

Videogames will be used to create the challenging human who will fight against the opponent to complete the gameplay and gamers can continue the game with all skill levels. Everyone can’t generate AI music in dynamic soundscapes, just like google music and Spotify, to match the tunes and tempo of their everyday lives.

  1. AI Natural Language Processing.

Natural language processing is a basic artificial intelligence area to transfer the conversational abilities from humans to robots. The purpose of the idea is to get a high-level cognitive speaking through neural networks.

Lots of data on the internet gives the AI business companies and opportunities to utilize the data in definitive language pattern. Many people think it’s a great change for a robot to deal with us in more efficient and accurate interpreting. So in 2020, it will be the first time when we will interact with a robot without realizing it.

The one benefit of the natural language processing with AI is that data can be structured about customer’s feedback.

  1. Controlled Flight Operations by AI.

As you know, Delta Airlines launched the AI-supported weather prediction system tp make flight operation better. The name is not suggested to this program; however, it will be trained to collect weather disruptions and irregular data.

After collecting the data,  it will be tested to ensure the quality of flights. The purpose of the program is to predict weather and environment parameters for accurate predictions. Delta airlines shared that the 5500 cancellations in 2010 and 55 in 2018, and it could be possible with the use of artificial intelligence.

  1. Autonomous Lethal Weapons.

Scientists are working on the robotic weaponization for human benefits. Every country invests billions of dollars in weapon industry in synthesizing autonomous weapons. The pentagon asked congress to increase the defense budget for autonomous lethal weapons.

American navy demanded $447 million for an unnamed vehicle meanwhile pentagon also spent $4.6 billion on weapons controlled by Artificial intelligence. In this weapon race, mostly military power companies are included, such as China, the United States, Russia, North Korea, and the European Union.

These are a few of the predictions about the top greatest AI Trends 2020 that I have been able to put together. It seems that each of these trends is becoming more popular and implemented day by day.

Syed Hassan

Syed Hassan is a cybersecurity expert at HostNoc. HostNoc is a premium IT solution provider that offers dedicated servers, web hosting, and many other IT services and products so businesses can fulfill their business needs.