Volkswagen unveils your new self-driving “bar car” lounge concept

Volkswagen has introduced its own self-driving concept at the Geneva Motor Show, a blend of ride-hailing and ride-sharing without a steering wheel, pedal, or brake. The concept car, named Sedric, is a four seat mini-shuttle with Level 5 automated driving capabilities. That means it will be totally autonomous, with no human override controls. See Also: […]

California self-driving dreamin’ hits industry’s sour reality

California’s recently proposed rules for autonomous vehicle testing are getting a thumbs down from developers of robotic cars. Yahoo! announced the state released its proposal for regulations that govern the testing of autonomous vehicles. But industry leaders, including representatives from Google’s Self-Driving Car Project, are raising fears that these regulations will significantly bog down development of […]


Volkswagen building new unit to protect autonomous cars

German automaker Volkswagen and three Israeli cybersecurity experts established a new automotive cybersecurity firm on Wednesday, called CYMOTIVE Technologies. The company, based in Herzliya, Israel and Wolfsburg, Germany, is a response to the growing epidemic of connected cars on the road with insecure software that is readily hackable. See Also: Israel telco giant Bezeq dives […]


Get ready for a thermonuclear autonomous ride-hailing war

On Thursday, Ford CEO Mark Fields announced the company’s first autonomous car will arrive in 2021. That big news—even if the launch date is timid from the company that invented the first affordable car—but the even bigger story is a ride-hailing app will be the easiest (and cheapest) way to ride in the unnamed autonomous […]


What is going on at Google’s self-driving car unit?

Google is losing three key executives in its self-driving car unit, including Chris Urmson, the chief technology officer and technical lead. Urmson was, for many, the face of Google’s self-driving car. He spoke at most events, indicated what the unit was focused on, and is a well respected figure in the self-driving industry. See Also: Boeing […]


Will keeping an eye on the driver save autonomous cars?

Autonomous cars need a lot of sensors to drive on the road without human assistance, and in-car sensors may be the next necessary step. The sensors would be able to inform the artificial intelligence controlling the vehicle on the positions of people inside the car and the driver’s focus. Researchers from German firm Fraunhofer said […]


Self-driving car market worth trillions by 2030?

As the world’s biggest players in IT and the car makers dive frantically into self-driving cars, a new report estimates this market will grow to an astonishing $2.6 trillion annually within 15 years. The site reports the startling growth prospects for self-driving cars revealed in a new Mogran Stanley report led by Katy Huberty. […]


Gett gets investment from Volkswagen in self-driving bid?

Another day, another ride-sharing investment. This time, the Volkswagen Group has announced its investing $300 million into Israeli-startup Gett. The investment marks Gett – formerly GetTaxi – as a potential dark horse in the ride-sharing race. See Also: Uber to kick off autonomous car test in Pittsburgh Volkswagen said it invested in Gett as part […]

Will self-driving trucks really drive the autonomous market?

The next few years could see vehicles of all shapes and sizes, from Google’s current prototype car to Class 8 trucks, move from human drivers to computer algorithms. Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes Benz, has already started testing its semi-truck in Nevada and Germany. Volvo and a Volkswagen subsidiary are also testing autonomous trucks […]


Will blockchain drive the fourth Industrial Revolution?

The first Industrial Revolution brought steam power and factories. The second produced railroads and electricity. The third gave us the Internet, digital computers, and the conveniences of the modern world. Each of these revolutions began and finished with the creation of better, more efficient machines. But the fourth revolution, predicated upon the Industrial Internet of […]


Who’s the Japanese firm with half of the self-driving car market?

Self-driving cars might be the next major automotive battlefield and Japanese manufacturer Nippon Ceramic is taking early advantage of the buzz with a sensor that costs less than $1. The manufacturer is an unlikely leader in the self-driving market, currently accounting for 50 percent of all sensor sales. Several car manufacturers use the ultrasonic sensor […]