Hyperlane for self-driving cars could reduce congestion

The introduction of self-driving vehicles will not automatically solve all congestion problems and some studies say traffic levels could rise as young teens, elderly, and disabled swap public transport for their own autonomous vehicle. Anthony Barrs and Baiyu Chen, two research students from the University of California, Berkeley, have published a system that could reduce […]


San Diego gets its smart city on with GE Current hookup

The City of San Diego announced a major Internet of Things (IoT) deployment this week in collaboration with Current, powered by GE. The deployment will include 3,200 “intelligent nodes” that enhance parking, alleviate traffic and improve liveability in the city. In addition to the huge sensor deployment, Current will also install 14,000 new LED lights […]


Bangkok turns to sensors for real-time traffic updates

The city of Bangkok has implemented its first real-time traffic platform, able to help road users choose the faster route home on busy days. Thailand’s Highway Department (DOH) turned on some of the sensors, which detect Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals in cars, earlier this year. It did so in preparation for Songkran, the country’s three […]


NRMA calls for autonomous car trials in Australia

Australia is behind on the rise of the autonomous car, but a new push by the National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA) may force the government into action. NRMA’s new chief executive, Rohan Lund, called for the government to allow autonomous car trials, let the private sector implement peer-to-peer networks for traffic, and add smart […]

Will autonomous cars lead to even more congestion?

Autonomous cars are rife with benefits, but a new research study suggests that congestion and cars on the road will get higher, as we seed control to the computers. More people will be allowed on the road as regulations are relaxed, allowing old, disabled, and youth to drive a car. That will not only lead […]

Ford autonomous car to come with mini-me drone?

Autonomous cars receive most information on traffic levels from an online mapping client, but in the future a lookout drone might provide alerts on traffic jams and accidents in real-time. That’s what a new patent application from Ford suggests, which was published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) this week. In it, […]

Google self-driving car shakes fist at Palo Alto drivers

Google has published its monthly report on the self-driving project, detailing any updates, advances, and accidents that have happened. In the month of April, two accidents occurred involving the self-driving Lexuses. Both were minor incidents, which apparently stemmed from the other party hitting the self-driving car. The first accident dinged one car’s side mirror, and happened […]


BreezoMeter and GE breathe deep on smart city air quality

Air quality analytics firm BreezoMeter and GE’s energy-focused in-house startup, have announced a partnership aimed at providing smart cities with real-time air quality and traffic analytics. Breezometer will provide the real-time air quality, while Current gives traffic insights from its LED infrastructure. Smart city leaders can then spot patterns in traffic and pollution, leading to […]

Toyota works on connected cars deep in heart of Texas

Toyota has announced plans to open a new division called Toyota Connected in the United States, focused on building new car technology and humanizing technology added into cars. The new division will be located in Plano, Texas, and will employ around 100 people. Toyota has purchased a 20,000 square foot factory to test the new […]